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September 8, 2019 · by Bill Belser ·

It is so important to not only set your intentions; but to actually visualize yourself achieving the results you want. And practice feeling the emotions that come with those results. After winning the US Open by bearing Serena Williams, Bianca Andreescu spoke about visualizing and how it helped her win.



Mental/Confidence Tip - when things get tough in a match and you’re feeling tight and down, a tip that I give my pros on the tour is the 2 B’s; 
Take a deep breath and exhale to release any tension, negativity or frustration and believe you can do this. Then take an assertive breath and say to yourself “lets go, I can do this!”  And then project strong, confident body language.
This has helped many people come through some tough matches.

Singles Strategy Tip - If you are playing singles and behind the baseline you want to hit the ball crosscourt most of the time.  The ball will be going over the lowest part of the net, you will have more space to hit into and you will make it more difficult for your opponent to win the point, especially if you hit it deep.
To keep the ball deep, you have 3 options; hit the ball higher over the net, hit through the ball more, or hit it harder.

Thank you to everyone who competed in the 2019 Club Championships.  It was great to see our members out there competing hard with such good sportsmanship!  The finals of the women’s consolation was pushed back due to weather and scheduling.  The winners are Lisa Brians and Colette Wilkes who won against Heather Rhyme and Marissa Haehnlein.

The Club Championships deadline (May 29th) to enter is coming up soon. The tournament will be held June 3 - 8 with the finals on Saturday, June 8 at noon
So far we have 6 confirmed men’s teams and 5 confirmed ladies teams. Everyone is guaranteed at least 2 matches.
Come on out and compete for a spot on the PPRSC Wall of Fame! 
Whether you play or not, be sure to mark you calendars for the finals on June 8, at noon. There will be some great tennis played for the honor of club champions!

Coaches Tip: the serve is the most important shot in tennis. Not only does it start every point, but is sets the tone for your mental approach to the game. If you can develop a reliable, accurate serve you feel more confident and reliable yourself as you start the game.  It is also the one shot you can practice on your own.  Grab a basket of balls, set up some targets in the corners and down the middle of the service box and practice hitting 40 - 50 serves a day for 10 days. You will then have a much improved serve and more confidence as a tennis player.
coach Bill

Please remember to invite a friend and come on out for our doubles exhibition/social next Thursday, 5/9 at 6:30 pm. This is a great opportunity to see how important it is to get your first serve in and to finish points by hitting down the middle.
Bring your favorite appetizers to share and your drinks and enjoy a nice time court-side with our pros.

Come and test drive the Clash racquet.  I absolutely love this racquet.  It has softer feel with a lot of flexibility, resulting in no pain in your wrist, arm or shoulder, and a lot of control.  Tighter strings will add even more control, softer strings will add more depth/speed.  It is one of the softest, most flexible racquets on the market today.  
It has been a long time since a racquet this revolutionary has been launched.  Stop by and ask to borrow mine or the demo.

With our long, wet and cold weather behind us (hopefully), it is time to prepare yourself well for warm weather tennis.  This often means longer, more physically demanding points.  
It is important to stretch well before and after each training session and match.
Drink plenty of fluids starting at least 24 hours before competition.  
Most importantly, prepare your mind to embrace the challenge, set your intent and visualize how you want to play!  Then, during the match, in between points or during changeovers, you can tap back into the intent you set. This will keep you focused and help you deal with any nerves that may want to creep in.
Let’s get out there and enjoy some great warm weather tennis!

We are all excited and looking forward to getting our QC and USTA Spring Seasons started!

Here are some fundamental strategies to help you start your matches with a solid plan and a bit more confidence.

1. Be sure to get some solid practice in and clinic with the same focus and intensity you play your matches.
2. Concentrate on getting a high percentage of first serves in, even if the means taking a little speed off it or putting a little more spin on it.  And learn to change up the location, speed, spin, arc, etc of your serves, so its not too predictable.
3. Aim your return of serve sharp cc, at the side T, where the service line and side line intersect.
4. Aim your first shot after your serve at the side T.
5. When at net, aim your volley down the middle at the middle T, where the center service line and service line meet.
6. If nervous or tight aim at the center T.  It is the center of the court, so you have a lot of margin for error.  
7. ALWAYS ENCOURAGE YOUR PARTNER, no matter how bad or tight they are playing.  Critiquing them, swearing at them in Swahili or giving them the “stone cold” treatment will not help them play better. :)
8. Take time in between points and on changeovers to communicate with your partner and make adjustments in strategy, positioning, shot placements, etc.
9.  If you ever lose 2 points in a row, take your time, encourage each other and refocus.  If you lose 2 games in a row, have a good chat about what adjustment you can make to get the momentum back.
10. After the match discuss what you learned, could improve on and most importantly what you did well and why you appreciate tennis and playing with each other so much!

Coach Bill

Hello Members,

With the warmer weather coming, we are all ready to play some much anticipated fun and exciting tennis.  It is important to take 5-10 minutes to warm up properly and stretch well before playing and 5-10 minutes to cool down and stretch after playing. Many of us only have an hour to play so we don’t want to take time to stretch.  It is better to plan on playing 45-50 minutes and stretch before and after playing.
It is important to stretch after playing as well, so you won’t be as tight and/or sore the next day.  Stretching before and after will not only prevent injuries, but make playing tennis much more enjoyable!


2019 tennis has began. Thai Kwiatkowski got to the quarter finals of his first challenger and the semi final of his 2nd challenger of the year.  With these results he will achieve his highest career ranking of 258.  Unfortunately, he didn't qualify for the Australian Open so I will have to go with my favorite Roger Federer in the Mens.  For the Women's Side I have to pick Naomi Osaka to win her 2nd consecutive Major.  

Please everybody remember to warm up properly, dress in layers, stretch well and stay hydrated to stay healthy and prevent injuries this winter season.


Gday Guys,

Its that time of the year where the first major of the year is about to begin - The 2019 Australian Open from Melbourne, Australia begins the 14th of Jan and will be shown on ESPN and ESPN 2.  Make sure you get on and watch the World best players compete in the Brutal Aussie Heat.  Can Roger and Rafa add to their Major Titles, or will we see a new young gun break through.  On the Women's side can Serena equal the great Margaret Court with 24 Major Titles?  Coach Alfie is picking Alexander Zverev to finally break through and win his first Major and on the Women's side he is predicting Simona Halep to win her first Australian Open.  Coach Joe's prediction for this Aussie Open are on the Men's Side - Roger Federer and on the Women's side - Simona Halep.

See you soon guys.



Our new Head Professional, Alfie Bacalja, has arrived. His energy and passion for the game is second to none. We are very fortunate to have found a professional with not only his incredible tennis background (including 3 time collegiate All-American), but his love for teaching and helping each and every person he works with on the court feel great about their game.

Please contact us and sign up for one of our clinics or lessons and get to know this truly wonderful tennis coach and person.

See you on the courts!
Coach Belser


Welcome to the first edition of Coaches Corner!!!

As the weather turns colder and Halloween is fast approaching, we are noticing more participation in our tennis programs.  The adult clinics have been filling up, the junior clinic numbers are increasing and league play has been exciting for both participants and spectators!

Please come out and join the fun on the courts while improving your skills and getting fit or simply to enjoy the challenge of competing on one of our league teams.

I look forward to seeing you on the courts soon!

Bill Belser

Reminder QC WINTER LEAGUE STARTS soon.  We need a few more participants to field 2 full teams. 

Please send in your interest to play to Bill at by

Thursday October 25, 2018.

CELL #_______________________

Thank you
Bill Belser

Weekday Women’s Doubles-

3 lines of Doubles, Wednesday and Thursday with a Warm Up Time of10:45and Match Playat 11:00

See you on the courts!
Coach Belser