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The In-house Mixed Doubles League is now in it's third weekend.  We have 16 participants, and numerous subs.  Their are 5 more weekends remaining.

Adult Clinics, weather permitting, are full each week.  Camps thus far have been full.  As of this post, the only weeks remaining with space are June 20-27, Aug 3-7, and Aug 10-14.

If you reserve the courts on the hill (5 or 6)please contact Matt for the code, and then re-lock them when you are done.

                  Tennis Tip of the Month: How to dominate the court when you're the stronger player

 When playing doubles of any kind - women's, men's or mixed, invariably, one person in the partnership will be stronger than the other player.  When you are the stronger player you must do 3 things in order to take over the court:

1) Make every return of serve.  Play the percentages.  Set up your partner for kills at the net.  You don't have to outright win the point on the return.  You have to ensure the point continues.

2) Move more and pick off more balls.  Be (more) agressive at the net. Take more chances.  Thus way your partner will feel their shots are good enough to lead to a put away, giving them more confidence.

3) Take the lead tactically - Once it's determined you're the better player, take the lead, and gently explain to your partner what the percentage play is at the start of each point.  You'll be repeating yourself often, that's OK.  You need the weaker player to attempt to play the percentages if you want to win.

Forcing yourself to be more aggressive will aid you when YOU become the weaker player in other partnerships.  It will also help round out your game, and get you to think the game more.  Take the challenge head on!

Matthew Cory, USPTA
Director of Tennis