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January Updates

Winter Queen City is in season.  Please make sure you are following USTA Guidelines for social distancing.

*Please wear your mask to and from the court
*No physical contact.  Racquet taps are good.  Hand shakes are not.
*Bring your own towel and water

-Scorekeepers will remain available.
-Spectators are allowed but you must maintain a social distance.
-Players are encouraged to bring their own chairs; however, an extra bench per court has been ordered courtesy of OH Walker Insurance!
-After match drinks/snacks are highly discouraged on property.

                  Tennis Tip of the Month: Keep It Simple

Have you ever watched Novak Djokovic play a match?  It's a master class in tennis 101.  The overwhelming majority of shots are past the midpoint of no-man's land and crosscourt.  Why?  It's the highest percentage AND he is trying to force a short ball from his opponents.  Next time you step on the court, take a page out of Novak's book; hit crosscourt and wait for a shorter ball (around the service line or inside the service box) to force the issue.


Josh Oxendine
Director of Tennis