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October Updates

Join us on Friday, October 23rd at 6pm for our First Annual Breast Cancer Charity Exhibition Presented by OH Walker Insurance.  Thank you to OH Walker Insurance for providing pizza and drinks for spectators.  There will be a donation jar set out with all proceeds going towards a local charity.

USTA and Queen City Leagues are about to begin.  Please make sure you are following USTA Guidelines for social distancing.

*Please wear your mask to and from the court
*No physical contact.  Racquet taps are good.  Hand shakes are not.
*Bring your own towel and water

-Scorekeepers will remain available.
-Spectators are allowed but you must maintain a social distance.
-Players are encouraged to bring their own chairs; however, an extra bench per court has been ordered courtesy of OH Walker Insurance!
-After match drinks/snacks are highly discouraged on property.

                  Tennis Tip of the Month: The Doubles Alley

The doubles alley is provided to give you more room instead of  a target. If you watch a professional doubles match, you'll notice very few balls being hit into an alley.  The majority of shots are being hit crosscourt and down the middle.  Your crosscourt target should pass to the far side of the net strap and be aimed towards a singles sideline.  Your down-the-middle target is literally down the middle either aiming for the service line or the quickstart line in no-man's land.  Play your percentages; don't play for the highlight reel.


Josh Oxendine
Director of Tennis