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Your PPRSC Board is a team of volunteers who are working hard to ensure our community club is fun and safe for all of our members.

Please contact the following volunteers if you need assistance:



President: Overall leadership and direction for the PPRSC Board.  

Greg Haenhlein

Tennis Liaison: Oversees tennis programs, facilities and staff.

Kate Franks

Pool Chair: Responsible for the activities, staff and happenings on our pool deck during swim season (this does not include swim team).  Joe Giordano

Snack Shack and Pool : Assists pool chair in managing the Aquatech pool team and responsible for the snack shack.  Sara Mayse

Swim Team Chair: Organizes our summer swim league, including team recruitment, coaching and official rules/regulations.

Rosemary Rutledge, Kelly Haywood, and Shirin Vandekar.

Treasurer: Manages budgets, membership dues, Snack Shack accounts and finances for the club and its members.

Kristen Strause.

Secretary: Responsible for membership correspondences, website and club house rental.  

Megan Sutsko

Building & Grounds Chair: Oversees maintenance and repairs on the club property.

Greg Haehnlein.

Membership Chair: Recruits new members, manages membership drives and provides tours of the club.

Matt Novak

Social Chair: Plans socials for members throughout the year, including adult and family gatherings.Molly Clune and Lauren Russell  



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