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Ball Machine Usage Information

PPRSC has a state of the art, programmable ball machine for our members use. It is a fantastic learning aid that can be extremely helpful in learning to play tennis or develop a stronger game.

Our annual ball machine fee is $75 this year, and runs from June 1  to May 31.  There will not be any discounts or pro-rated fee for signing up later in the year. Our tennis pros will be happy to show you how to make the best use of it.

Payment: Please make your check out to PPRSC and deliver to Josh to sign up and receive a key.

Guidelines: By paying the rental fee the member and their family members have agreed to the following ball machine guidelines:
1. The ball machine is for use by those members that have paid the ball machine rental maintenance/usage fee only.

2. The key to the ball machine is nontransferable.

3. The ball machine is to be reserved and used on court 3. PLEASE reserve online through the court scheduler on this website. Once on the court scheduler, please sign-in (If you do not have a password, register with the site from the link at the top of the website). Once you are signed in, go to the date you want to reserve the machine. Click on the date, scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see Ball Machine. Pick a time where it shows 'available' (in the center of the box). Click 'available' and you will be asked the duration you will need the machine. Once that has been completed, hit CONFIRM and the court and machine will be reserved. You will be sent a confirmation of your reservation by email. If you do not receive a confirmation by email, there was a problem and you need to repeat the reservation process. *Please delete your reservation if you are not going to use it.

4. The ball machine may not be used when it is raining, when the courts are too wet to play, during league play/matches, and if all courts are reserved.

5. Proper care of the machine is required. If instruction is needed please seek assistance from the tennis pro.

6. The ball machine must be returned in good condition and locked in the shed. ALL BALLS MUST BE RETRIEVED AND RETURNED (Including those outside the fence).

7. Ages 16 and under need adult supervision while using the ball machine.

8. If your key is lost or stolen and must be replaced you will be charged $10 for a key replacement.

9. If the ball machine is damaged due to misuse or abuse you shall pay full compensation for repair and or replacement of the ball machine.

10. PPRSC will not held liable for any injuries or damages that the renter may sustain while using the ball machine. The PPRSC Tennis professionals and PPRSC board members have full authority to interpret and enforce these rules and regulations. Failure to comply may result in cancellation of this agreement.