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  • Please refer to our Event Calendar for detailed pool hours. Events

    Our pool provides a fun and safe place for families to play and relax. A full list of rules provided below.

    ****NEW FOR 2020****

    • We must follow guidelines created by the state, the county, and Aquatech.  To start the season, only 27 people can be in the pool at one time.  Deck seating has been moved to comply with social distancing.   The pool will close after that two hour time for 30 minutes of cleaning. 
    • If you or someone in your household has signs and symptoms of Covid-19, you are required to not visit the pool for 14 days.  If there is an exposure at the pool, we will have to close for 14 days.  
    • Your 2020 membership card must be presented every time you visit the pool this summer.  No children under age 12 are allowed to visit without a parent.
    • No guests, deck parties, or clubhouse rentals are allowed at this time.  In addition, shared items like the ping pong table, grills, and ice machine will not be in use.  
    The PPRSC Board will continue to communicate with you via email as we learn of new changes throughout the season.  We appreciate your patience as we work hard to ensure everyone has a safe summer at our pool.

    PPRSC Pool Rules       

    • No glass of any kind is allowed on the deck (jars, glasses, ceramic coffee mugs, salad dressing bottles, etc). If any glass is broken on the deck, the pool must be drained. A member(s) responsible for broken glass on the pool deck can be held responsible for the cost to refill the pool by a third-party vendor.
    • All members and guests must register at the designated sign in area..
    • The pool staff is not responsible for children outside of the pool area.
    • The pool management staff is given full authority to enforce all swimming pool rules and to close the pool in the event of inclement weather. Weather delays or closures will be determined by the lifeguards. This may include being asked to leave the pool deck or facility as determined by the lifeguard staff.
    • Life guards have the authority to ask members to leave the club premises at any time for the remainder of the day if they feel they are being harmful to themselves or other members.
    • Lifeguards may bench minors for up to 15 minutes. The “bench” area is the along the clubhouse, behind the lifeguard stand.
    • All accidents must be reported to the pool staff.
    • The pool staff can require children to demonstrate swimming ability and will classify them as swimmer or non-swimmer. Children who are non-swimmers, regardless of age, must be accompanied in the pool by a parent or other responsible adult at all times.
    • A 10-15 minute swim rest period may be signaled each hour for children under 18 ( adult swim )
    • Swim team meets and practice times will be posted to inform members of pool closings.
    • The pool is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Lost and found should be checked as items will be donated throughout the summer.
    • The Mecklenburg County Health Department Rules and Regulations concerning bathing places will govern the health and safety of this pool. These include the rules on the handling of human waste and vomit in public pools. These rules are mandatory and procedures for handling these situations must be followed by our pool staff. These rules and regulations are posted in the pool area.
    • All swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
    • Appropriate bathing attire must be worn. Cutoffs are not allowed.
    • Walk at all times on the pool deck.
    • No running, pushing, horseplay or shoulder-riding.
    • Do not hang on lane ropes.
    • Swimming is not allowed when lifeguards are not on duty or when the pool is closed.
    • Food, gum, drinks, or tobacco products are not allowed in the water.
    • No “mermaid tails” or other devices that impede the arms or legs is allowed.
    • No cartwheel or round-off entry into the pool, including off the board, is allowed.
    • Floats, Tubes, Rafts are not allowed in the pool. Water wings are permitted in the shallow end if the child is supervised by a parent who is also in the water.
    • Children who are not toilet trained are not allowed in the main pool unless wearing an approved swim diaper. Absolutely no diapers, training pants, or plastic pants allowed in the pool.
    • Baby Pool: Use of the baby pool is limited to children under 5 years of age. Parental supervision is required at all times. No lifeguard will be on duty. The baby pool is open and available for use during the morning hours, when the main pool is devoted to swim lessons and swim team practice.






    • Pool management/lifeguards may restrict diving at any time.

    • No diving allowed in water less than five feet deep (shallow end).

    • No backwards diving from the side of the pool.

    • Only one person allowed on the diving board at a time.

    • No hanging from the diving board.

    • No diving from the side of the diving board.

    • No free swimming is allowed in the diving well (area directly in front of diving board).

    • Non-swimmers are not allowed in the diving area.

    • No backward entry off the diving board.

    • You cannot catch a child from jumping from the diving board.       

    Snack Shack

    Each family has an account for our pool snack shack.  You can write a check made out to PPRSC and put in the black mailbox in front of the clubhouse indicate that the funds are for your families snack shack account.  Any inquiries please contact our treasurer at treasurer email.