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Rules and By Laws for PPRSC


Comprehensive By-laws PPRSC by laws

General Club Rules

  • Children under the age of nine are not allowed on the club grounds without adult supervision.
  • Members are responsible for restricting their children to authorized areas and use of the club.
  • Property of the club cannot be taken off the premises.
  • Cost of repairs or replacement of equipment, furnishings or property of the club due to damage or destruction by a member or guest of a member will be paid by the member(s) responsible for such damage.
  • No group of members is permitted to allow a resident non-member to frequent the club more than the allotted three times per calendar year (swimming pool) or once per month (tennis).
  • No one is allowed in the pool area during non-posted hours.
  • Pets are not permitted inside the clubhouse, on the pool deck or tennis courts.
  • No kegs. Kegs are only allowed at official club social events.
  • Any member/child caught throwing rocks on the PPRSC property, will be ejected from the property for the day and will have to have a meeting with the board members to discuss possible suspension of the use of club facilities.
  • Loud and offensive language will not be tolerated at any time.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside of the clubhouse or pool area. If smoking in other areas of the club (i.e. the tennis viewing deck, parking lot), members are asked to show courtesy to those around them.
  • No firearms or weapons of any type are allowed on the premises.

Clubhouse Rules

  • The clubhouse will be open for member use when the swimming pool is open. Children under the age of 12 are not to be in the clubhouse without adult supervision.
  • The clubhouse cannot be rented or reserved for any one member or group of member’s exclusive use.
  • Clubhouse should be left as you found it after use.

Private Social Functions

  • Social functions (i.e. birthday parties) are should be scheduled for use during non-peak hours.
  • You must give a least one week’s prior notice the pool management company before your event. Contact our Board Secretary.

Swimming Pool General Rules

  • No glass of any kind is allowed on the deck (jars, glasses, ceramic coffee mugs, salad dressing bottles, etc). If any glass is broken on the deck, the pool must be drained. A member(s) responsible for broken glass on the pool deck can be held responsible for the cost to refill the pool by a third-party vendor.
  • All members and guests must register at the designated sign in area.
  • Guests of members are welcome, but must be accompanied by a member. Guest fees will be posted at the sign in area and will be charged to the members account. Guests who are residents of Mecklenburg County or Union County are limited to three visits per calendar year.
  • Children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Children 9 years of age or older who are unattended are responsible for adhering to all club rules.
  • The pool staff is not responsible for children outside of the pool area.
  • The pool management staff is given full authority to enforce all swimming pool rules and to close the pool in the event of inclement weather. Weather delays or closures will be determined by the lifeguards. This may include being asked to leave the pool deck or facility as determined by the lifeguard staff.
  • Life guards have the authority to ask members to leave the club premises at any time for the remainder of the day if they feel they are being harmful to themselves or other members.
  • Lifeguards may bench minors for up to 15 minutes. The “bench” area is the along the clubhouse, behind the lifeguard stand.
  • All accidents must be reported to the pool staff.
  • The pool staff can require children to demonstrate swimming ability and will classify them as swimmer or non-swimmer. Children who are non-swimmers, regardless of age, must be accompanied in the pool by a parent or other responsible adult at all times.
  • A 10-15 minute swim rest period may be signaled each hour for children under 18 ( adult swim )
  • Swim team meets and practice times will be posted to inform members of pool closings.
  • The pool is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Lost and found should be checked as items will be donated throughout the summer.
  • The Mecklenburg County Health Department Rules and Regulations concerning bathing places will govern the health and safety of this pool. These include the rules on the handling of human waste and vomit in public pools. These rules are mandatory and procedures for handling these situations must be followed by our pool staff. These rules and regulations are posted in the pool area.

Swimming and Diving Rules

  • All swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
  • Appropriate bathing attire must be worn. Cutoffs are not allowed.
  • Walk at all times on the pool deck.
  • No running, pushing, horseplay or shoulder-riding.
  • Do not hang on lane ropes.
  • Swimming is not allowed when lifeguards are not on duty or when the pool is closed.
  • Food, gum, drinks, or tobacco products are not allowed in the water.
  • No “mermaid tails” or other devices that impede the arms or legs is allowed
  • No cartwheel or round-off entry into the pool, including off the board, is allowed.
  • Floats, Tubes, Rafts are not allowed in the pool. The exception is fun noodles which must be used in the shallow end. Water wings are permitted in the shallow end if the child is supervised by a parent who is also in the water.
  • Children who are not toilet trained are not allowed in the main pool unless wearing an approved swim diaper. Absolutely no diapers, training pants, or plastic pants allowed in the pool.
  • Baby Pool: Use of the baby pool is limited to children under 5 years of age. Parental supervision is required at all times. No lifeguard will be on duty. The baby pool is open and available for use during the morning hours, when the main pool is devoted to swim lessons and swim team practice.
  • Diving
    • Pool management/lifeguards may restrict diving at any time.
    • No diving allowed in water less than five feet deep (shallow end).
    • No backwards diving from the side of the pool.
    • Only one person allowed on the diving board at a time.
    • No hanging from the diving board.
    • No diving from the side of the diving board.
    • No free swimming is allowed in the diving well (area directly in front of diving board).
    • Non-swimmers are not allowed in the diving area.
    • No backward entry off the diving board.
    • You cannot catch a child from jumping from the diving board.

Tennis Rules Court Usage

  • The tennis courts are for member use only.
  • Tennis courts are for tennis use only.
  • The lighted courts are open for play between the hours of 7am and 10pm
  • The unlighted courts are open during daylight hours.
  • The tennis pros are entitled to one teaching court (except during Queen City play)
  • Courts will be blocked off for league play, Queen City practice times, mens/ladies organized pick-up play, junior clinics and summer camp.
  • Reservations can be made here Reserve Courts
    • Adult members may reserve courts between 1 and 7 days prior to play.
    • Courts are reserved through the club website. Login at the top of the page; Go to court scheduler, pick the date/time you want to reserve a court. Go to the court you want and click on “available”. You will receive an email confirming your reservation.
    • Courts no longer needed, should be deleted from the system prior to play.
  • Restricted hours -Saturday 8am-4pm; Sunday 12pm-5pm
    • No in town guests during this time
    • Members maximum time allowed:
    • Singles – 1 hour
    • Doubles – 1 ½ hours


  • Members may have up to three guests at one time on the court.
  • Guests may not play without a member on his/her court.
  • Guests may not play more than once per calendar month. A guest of one member may not be the guest of another member during the same calendar month.


  • Proper tennis attire is required at all times. Cutoffs, tank tops, jogging bras, and swim suits are not allowed.
  • All players MUST wear smooth-soled tennis shoes. Running shoes, street shoes and black sole shoes may damage the courts and are not allowed.
  • Courts should be surrendered immediately at the expiration of time if others are waiting. Sets may not be played out, once time has expired.
  • Unsupervised children under the age of 12 are not allowed on the tennis courts.
  • The use of profanity, throwing racquets or slamming of balls is prohibited

The board of directors have full authority to interpret and enforce these rules. Failure to courteously comply may result in disciplinary action.